A downloadable Crap Game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

My first game that I did not complete yet* and one that I am kind of happy about, but anyways.

Also, game is complete, maybe i will work on a follow up.

Controls -

A and D or Right Arrow and Left Arrow for moving left and right

W, Right shift, Left shift, or Space for jumping

And r for restarting game and m to return to menu

Install instructions

Just download the file


GreenSquare(windows).exe 46 MB
GreenSquare(Mac).zip 55 MB
GreenSquare(Linux).AppImage 59 MB

Development log


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I cant find the game file to play after i set up do i have to set up again?


Where did you download the game files to?

It doesn't let me choose it just automatically downloads it to a random folder that I can't find.


dude for your first game its really good 7/10.